Unit Five: The Cognitive Revolution, Pt1


Phase 1: Computational model – brain as hardware, mind as software. Acceptance of the ‘innerness’ of the mental & representation within the brain. Functionalism – running the program is what matters, not the material of the hardware which runs it: non-reductive physicalism – minds are real in themselves, though still based on & housed in matter. Chomsky Vs Skinner -  mental organs, e.g. for grammar, mentalism, nativism & Fodor’s ‘machine language’ of thought. But, ‘Cognitivism’ a mathematical dualism? A triumph of mathematical empiricism over rationalist understanding? Phase 2: Undermining Cognitivism via biology. Gibson’s ecological ‘affordances’. The ‘Embodied Mind’, Varela & Maturana’s ‘Santiago Hypothesis’. The biology of metaphors, Lakoff & Johnson, & analogue computing.

Sec. One: A Conceptual Revolution – from Behaviorism to Cognitivism & Embodiment

Sec. Two: Linguistic Debate Triggers Revolution

Sec. Three: The Stirrings of Revolution

Sec. Four: The Principles of the Revolutionaries

Sec. Five: Functionalism – The Mind as Computer Program